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Lilly Glass Akoto is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Portland, OR who is passionate about helping the hurting find ways to heal and achieve wellness. Her unique story of brokeness to wholeness is inspiring and is the drive behind her endless dedication to her craft. She is an advocate for those struggling with suicide ideation, and those who have attempted suicide and survived. She is also fervent in supporting professionals, who struggle with mental health challenges, find ways to process their pain in a safe environment and begin to thrive again in the workplace. She is a dynamic speaker and avid volunteer.

Individual Counseling &Therapy:     

  • Trauma informed counseling, empowering therapy, addressing all aspects of suicide, grief & loss, depression, personal responsibility, cultural identity and adoption.
  • FOR: Pre-Teens, Adolescents, Young Adults and Adults

Group Counseling & Therapy addressing:

  • Suicide Attempters & Suicide Ideation
  • Personal Responsibility = Personal Empowerment
  • Embracing Your Emotions

Individual & Group Clinical Supervision with emphasis on:

  • Strength-based modalities
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Use of Self in Providing Ethical Clinical Services

Powerful & Dynamic Community Presentations:

  • Culture Counts ~ The Impact of Culturally Responsive Mental Health Services
  • The Suicide Constellation ~ Our Communities Can Make A Difference
  • The Power of Words ~ Change Your Words, Transform Your Life
  • Suicide Attempt Survivors ~ The Many Lessons I Have Learned
  • From Major Depression to "Just Happy"
  • From Gail Celeste to Lilly Glass - The Power of Your Name


         Lilly Glass Akoto - Grief & Loss, Suicide, Identity, Cultural Counselor


I send you HOPE for this hour, the LEXIS of inspiration to hold you, PERMISSION to love yourself just as you are, POWER within, and courage to make the CHOICE to heal...

Suite 203
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Lilly Glass Akoto - Grief & Loss, Suicide, Identity, Cultural Counselor

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 ...I send you Hope for this hour...

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